Rideshare Rentals

Renting a car for ridesharing is easy with Millenium Auto Share. We provide the inspection forms, registration, and insurance you need to use the car with your preferred ridesharing company. You'll be able to start your first ride the same day you start your rental, and when you're done ridesharing for the day, the car is still yours to use.

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Insurance Included

Don't worry about bringing your own insurance plan. Primaraily you will be on Uber or Lyft's insurance when you have a customer in the car. But our insurance will cover all the spaces in between.

No Hidden Fees

Rental companies are notorious for adding on a heap of fees when it comes time to sign the contract. But at Millenium Auto Share we like to be upfront with our pricing, there are no hidden fees, and no gimmicks.

Maintenance Covered

Ridesharing puts a lot of miles and wear on the car, but with Millenium Auto Share, you won't have to spend a dime on it. We will handle all of the maintenance on the rental car.